Questions From Residents

These pages aim to answer the most commonly raised questions. Some answers can only receive a general answer as the precise answer will alter from development to development. If you require a more detailed response please do not hesitate to telephone 01908 640100 during office hours or email

Some additional information can be found by selecting your development within the Management Companies pages.

  1. Why do I have to pay a service charge or a ground rent?
  2. How do I pay the Service Charge?
  3. Can I become involved in the decision making of the Management Company, to include income and expenditure decisions?
  4. Can I sub-let my property?
  5. Can I keep a pet at my property?
  6. I have noisy neighbours. Can the Management Company assist?
  7. Can I make alterations to my property?
  8. I live in a flat and water is dripping through my ceiling. What should I do?
  9. Can Keyholder arrange repairs or routine work at my property?