Questions From Residents

I live in a flat and water is dripping through my ceiling. What should I do?

The first requirement is to contact the person above. If they are home and you can not find the source of water turn off their water supply at the mains stop cock for that property. They will need to repair the fault / call a plumber.

If the occupiers above are not at home leave a large note through their door giving as many contact numbers for you as possible. Contact Keyholder and we will contact them if they have provided this office with contact details.

When the problem has been solved make a note of the date and time of incident. If you need a buildings insurance claim form please telephone 01908 640100 or email please remember the buildings insurance will have an excess. Keyholder will be able to advise the excess figure. If your contents have been damaged they will not be covered by the buildings insurance. You will need to contact your content's insurer.

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